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This website describes the principles of data protection at Peab, general information about data protection and your rights when you have a connection with Peab.


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Data protection policy at Peab

Peab is the builder of a sustainable future society. Information is of high importance to us, and it must be treated correctly. Data protection is essential for our activity. Our employees, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders must be able to trust that we acquire and process all information in a safe and efficient way. This is a question of confidence towards the services and the brand of Peab.

We do systematic and continuous work from three different viewpoints:

  • The information must be accessible in a reasonable scope and time. The information is shared and collected in a safe manner.
  • The information is correct, relevant and complete. Unauthorised persons cannot change the information, nor can the information be changed by accident or due to malfunctioning systems.
  • Unauthorised access to, or disclosure of, the information is prevented.

The data protection covers information that is processed both manually and by digital tools and services, but also the safety and architecture of the information system.

We fulfil the targets and make the decisions guided by the following principles:

  • Leadership and management are provided with a strong sense of responsibility ensuring proper data protection.
  • Information is acquired, processed and managed efficiently and safely based on the demands of the activity. Data protection is long-term and systematic work that strives at constant improvement.
  • We assess and classify the access to information based on the requirements set by the activity for accessibility, correctness and confidentiality.

By developing the competencies we ensure that the employees know the data protection regulations, systems and routines. External requirements must be fulfilled. Legislative regulations are minimum requirements.

As a Nordic community builder Peab wants to engage in sustainable business activity and development work.

Processing of personal data at Peab

In its activity Peab undertakes to observe the data protection regulations and data security provisions valid in the European Union and Finland. All personal data is processed according to the valid legislation.

This data protection policy and website describe how Peab handles your personal data when you use our services, buy our products or are otherwise connected with us.

As the controller in each case acts one of the above-mentioned member companies of the Peab Group. 

Peab collects personal data in situations such as the following:

  • You have requested further information concerning the apartments we offer for sale and submitted your contact details via our apartment sales website;
  • We have received your information as part of the fulfilment of an agreement related to construction activity; or
  • You are working at a site where Peab acts as the General Contractor and the provider of statutory access control.

Which personal information is processed by Peab?

Peab processes mainly personal information that is necessary for identity check and keeping contact with the person. Normally the collected information includes, as a minimum, the name, the e-mail address and the telephone number. If required, other personal information is collected as well in compliance with the data protection descriptions presented on this website.

Peab’s right to process personal information

The processing of personal information must always be based on the currently valid legislation. At Peab, the lawfulness of processing personal information is normally based on the following preconditions:

  • You have given your consent for processing the information;
  • Your personal information needs to be processed in order to fulfil an agreement (for example, apartment sales contract). We process your personal information that is needed in order to fulfil the requirements of a law or a regulation that is binding upon us (names of persons working at the site must be reported to the tax administration on a monthly basis);
  • The information needs to be processed in order to fulfil a legitimate interest (a legitimate interest can be related to direct marketing etc.).

Data protection at Peab

By appropriate technical and organisational measures Peab ensures that your personal information is adequately protected and that your information cannot be accessed by unauthorised persons.

Your rights as a data subject

A private person about whom we have personal information (also called ‘a data subject’) is entitled to exercise rights foreseen for such data subjects pursuant to the legislation. A data subject has the right to verify any personal information that the controller possesses on them.

The data subject is also entitled to rectify the information possessed by the controller. In certain situations the data subject also has a right to be forgotten or a right to restrict the processing of their personal information.

The data subject can also request that their personal data be transferred to another controller.

You can exercise your rights in relation to Peab in the following manner: pay a visit to one of Peab’s local offices (contact details) and complete the form. Kindly bring with you any of the personal identification certificates mentioned in the form. We require proof of your identity, because we want to prevent the unauthorised use of the rights of the data subject.

If you have contacted us only through electronic channels, you can e-mail a direct request for personal information to the address

Data protection descriptions of personal registers

Data protection description of purchasing and tendering register

Data protection description of marketing register

Data protection description of retail customer register

Data protection description of corporate customer register

Data protection description of partner register


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