At Business Garden, services come to you – at a responsible social distance

Business Garden’s flexible multipurpose spaces and diverse services are designed to make the everyday lives of people easier. All spaces are also safe to use during the corona virus pandemic, as they are laid out to maintain social distancing and personal hygiene. You are also left with more leisure time when there is no need to hunt for services at the end of your workday.

Business Garden offers a host of services, including delivery, restaurant and laundry services, as well as car servicing. Continuous stream of new services are being developed according to staff wishes.

Susanne Eerola, Sales director of ISS Services, utilises several different services.

“I can have my orders delivered to the parcel lockers here and easily grab them as I leave work. That means I don’t need to go and fetch them from the post office or wait at home for the delivery driver to arrive. The parcel lockers are also excellent when working with the company’s partners and the internal post system. I ordered a new computer and phone which were delivered to the parcel lockers, meaning I didn’t have to schedule the pickup according to other people’s schedules or the post office’s opening times. During the pandemic, the services at the workplace are a big plus because they let us avoid having to drop into a bunch of different places to take care of everyday things.”

Business Garden’s flexible spaces are safe to work in

“I love that the restaurant’s varied offering lets me put together a lunch to meet my personal preferences and needs. I can also order food to take home, and the restaurant will keep it in cold storage until I leave work,” Susanne Eerola explains.

Business Garden’s attractive and versatile spaces are a safe work environment. People can work in the environment that suits them at that moment, whether it is a café or a quiet and private booth.

Added hygiene and flexibility

During the coronavirus pandemic, ISS Palvelut has increased cleaning services at Ultimes Business Garden, and space users are actively provided with guidance and services to ensure good hygiene.

Hand sanitizer is available in the lobbies, and the lobby team has been trained to instruct people working in the building. Information screen notifications and floor markings are used to remind people to maintain a two-metre social distance from each other and remember hand hygiene. The restaurant’s serving practices have been flexibly adjusted according to the coronavirus situation.

Ultimes Business Garden – services that support everyday life:

  • Staff facilities: showers, locker rooms and ironing facilities
  • Services that support commuting by bicycle: indoor bicycle parking and staff facilities
  • Posti’s SmartPost parcel lockers
  • Internal post station
  • Various laundry services
  • Bicycle and helmet loan service
  • Car rental
  • Car servicing and inspection
  • Carwash
  • Broad range of restaurant and café services, beginning with breakfast
  • Ability to order meals from the restaurant that will be kept in cold storage until the end of the workday


Susanne Eerola, Sales director of ISS Services


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