Customer stories

Building technology specialist Aro Systems wanted the best facilities. “Our workplace culture changed overnight.”

Finnish building technology specialist and service company Aro Systems Oy moved to the Ultimes Business Garden hub in Pitäjänmäki in November 2019. The modern, bright premises are approximately 750 square meters in size, and Aro has 50 employees there, working across 44 workstations.

Three tips: How to successfully move to a multipurpose office

ISS continually develops its premises at Ultimes Business Garden in Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki. “We are extremely satisfied with the location. The property’s functionality allows us to very flexibly put our conversion needs into practice,” says Jukka Lindfors, property manager at ISS.

At Business Garden, services come to you – at a responsible social distance

Business Garden’s flexible multipurpose spaces and diverse services are designed to make the everyday lives of people easier. All spaces are also safe to use during the corona virus pandemic, as they are laid out to maintain social distancing and personal hygiene. You are also left with more leisure time when there is no need to hunt for service...


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