Office premises in Business Garden are flexible and free your work processes from familiar models. Modern space planning and nature-oriented design improve staff wellbeing and energy.

At Business Garden, corporations have spaces for teams to work together, quiet workspaces, meeting spaces and areas where people can find stimulation or calmness in their own premises. Activity-based office spaces offer corporations a number of flexible everyday solutions. Your business’s premises are complemented by Business Garden’s airy and secure shared spaces consisting of restaurants, cafés and conference facilities.

Our team has the expertise to help you plan out your spaces

Our experts will help you to choose new premises, plan and execute your new working environment and ensure comfort whilst making the most of the space. We also take care of practical and organisational matters related to the move. Together, we will make sure that your investment in new premises is worthwhile.

When you are considering premises at Business Garden:

  • We discuss your corporation's future plans, work processes, the accessibility of the workplace, interaction and different forms of remote and local work.
  • We introduce you to the new premises on location or via virtual reality software.
    • Spaces can be planned out at a very early stage using virtual reality software.
    • Using the software, a visually authentic environment representing the office is created, which can be used to traverse and explore the space, try out the placement of furnishings and set up the premises in accordance with your own brand.
    • Virtual reality also provides a realistic sense of the functionality of the space and how efficiently it is being used.

Flexible office space - creative and efficient solutions

Offices are multidimensional working environments that need to support the staff and their work, the management of personnel and projects, communication and social interaction. When an organisation’s needs change, it is extremely important that their premises can be easily and quickly converted to meet those needs. 

  • The conception of premises must always allow new ideas and solutions. At Business Garden, the opportunity to effortlessly reorganise has been taken into account at the planning and construction phase. 
  • We offer our expertise to help you with the process of converting your working environment.

At Business Garden, your lease is flexible, too

When a corporation is operating under fluid and changing circumstances, its working environment must be easily adaptable. At Business Garden, your lease supports not only your office space solution but also your business operations. In Business Garden we offer you an entirely new kind of flexible lease, you only pay for the space you use:

  • You can reduce your office space by up to 35% during the contract period without extra charge.
  • We will take care of planning and implementing the changes to your office space up to a cost of EUR 20,000.
  • Flexible lease applies to leased premises that are at least 550 m2 in size at the beginning of the contract period.

Services designed specifically for your business and colleagues

Business Garden offers comprehensive high-quality business services and a wide selection of other services to make everyday tasks easier for your colleagues. Our services are introduced in more detail on our location-specific pages. 

  • Lobby and security services
  • Plenty of outdoor parking and/or garage space
  • Various sizes of conference spaces with modern conference technology
  • Broad restaurant and café selections
  • Locker rooms and showers

Responsibility is part of our solution

Responsibility is part of the Business Garden concept: excellent accessibility, placement in the vicinity of a diverse set of services and energy-efficient and environmentally friendly buildings are common features to our locations. Business Gardens are LEED certified properties. For example, Ultimes Business Garden in Helsinki has attained a LEED Platinum certification – the highest level of certification in the LEED system.

LEED certification is a prestigious international rating that is awarded to buildings whose design, construction and energy use comply with strict environmental standards.

If you want to learn more, call us or send us an email!

Antti Eeva / Helsinki and Espoo
tel. +358 40 559

Kimmo Liimatainen / Jyväskylä
tel. +358 50 3046 824,

Timo Riikonen / Jyväskylä
tel. +358 40 5145 900,

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